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About the company

Mise en Place transcends traditional staffing agencies, emerging as a dynamic force in hospitality since its inception as a modest venture in Maastricht in 1994. Upholding a steadfast ethos of camaraderie and collaboration, we've built a global network of partners and talents driven by a shared passion for excellence. Our growth stems from investing in students who exceed expectations, offering rapid advancement opportunities and fostering personal development. With boundless energy and positivity, our team consistently inspires and empowers individuals, epitomizing our mission to proudly cultivate friendships and synergies at every level of the organization, ensuring Mise en Place's enduring success.

Job description

Are you a student seeking the ultimate part-time job in Utrecht? Do you want to earn regularly, work at the coolest festivals & hospitality events, and develop yourself both professionally and personally? Look no further than Mise en Place. Explore our vacancy, select your nearest region, and sign up now. So what are the application steps? 1) Introduction: During the interview, we'll provide comprehensive insights into the job roles and the exciting festivals and events where you can immediately start working. Exciting, isn't it? 2) Matchmaking: Think Tinder, but different! Do our expectations align with yours, and do you fit well within our team? Swipe right! 3) Tips & Tricks: Welcome to the team! Before you kick off, we'll equip you with the best tips & tricks to ensure a smooth first day without any surprises. 4) Make money: YES! Your earnings will be deposited into your account weekly. Will you opt for new sneakers or a dinner date with your significant other?

Job benefits

- Flexible Scheduling: We understand the importance of balancing work and study. That's why we offer flexible scheduling, allowing you to work around your classes and other commitments. - Competitive Pay: In addition to flexibility, we offer competitive pay rates of up to €16 per hour. Your hard work will be rewarded with a fair compensation package. - Weekly Payment: Say goodbye to waiting for your paycheck. We ensure prompt weekly payments directly into your bank account, providing financial stability and convenience. - Staff Party: When you join Mise en Place, you'll gain exclusive access to our annual staff party. Trust us; you don't want to miss out on this! - Career Growth: Profesional Growth: Gain access to masterclasses and training sessions designed to support your professional development and advancement in your career.

Job requirements

- You must be an EU/EEA citizen or have a valid work permit

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